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Human Service Safety Net 2017 Edition, April 2017

Bi-partisan Senate Health Committees Leaders Introduce Bill to Help Kansas Families ‘Soar’, January 2017

TANF, HOPE Act Fact Sheet, November 2016

2016 Johnson County Kids Count Data, October 2016

Johnson County Then and Now, October 2016

Work and Wages, October 2016

Health Insurance Coverage in Johnson County, September 2016

Poverty Data for Johnson County, September 2016

Cost of Living 2016, August 2016

KS Poverty Conference Presentation , July 2016

UCS Employment Project Overview, June 2016

2016 Human Service Summit Presentation, June 2016

Talk, Read, Play Report, June 2016

“Good Jobs” Report, June 2016

Transitional Age Youth Report, June 2016

Johnson County – Then and Now, May 2016

Homelessness in Johnson County, April 2016

Work and Wages Fact Sheet, March 2016

Johnson County Population Projections Fact Sheet, February 2016

Human Service Safety Net Fact Sheet, February 2016

Racial and Ethnic Diversity Fact Sheet, November 2015

Kids Count Johnson County Fact Sheet, 2015

Early Childhood, October 2015

The Employment Challenge for Single Parent Families, September 2015

Poverty Data for Johnson County, 2014 ACS, September 2015

Poverty and Early Childhood, August 2015

Homelessness in Johnson County 2015, July 2015

Johnson County Poverty Trends – Spring 2015, April 2015

Housing Affordability in Johnson County, ACS 2013, February 2015

Poverty and Wealth in Our Neighborhoods, January 2015

Child Poverty Data for State of Kansas, October 2014

New Release, 2013 Poverty Data for Johnson County, September 2014

KS Could Do More for Poor Families WithChildren, A Report on TANF, July 2014

Johnson County Poverty Trends June 2014

Johnson County compared to U.S. Suburbs June 2014

Johnson County Poverty Trends , May 2014

A Profile of Our Community: Johnson County, KS, April 2014

Free and Reduced School Lunch Program, Johnson County, KS, April 2014

Poverty and Unrelated Individuals, 2012 Johnson County, KS, April 2014

Suburban Poverty – How Does Johnson County Compare?, March 2014

A Demographic Profile of Our Community – The Kansas City 6-County Region, February 2014

2014 Kids Count Data, November 2014 by KAC

Kansas Could Do More For Poor Children and Families Report, December 2013

Johnson County Poverty Trends Presentation, November 2013

SNAP Program Fact Sheet, August 2013

2013 Homeless Point in Time Count Fact Sheet, April 2013

Sequestration Impact Estimate for Community Services, March 2013

Public Benefits Enrollment Trends, January 2013

Struggling to Make It – Poverty in Johnson County 2011 ACS, November 2012

Health Insurance Coverage in Kansas and Johnson County, 2011, September 2012

Kansas City 6-County Poverty Data, 2011, September 2012

Substance Abuse among Jo Co Students, September 2012

Trauma Informed Care Project Overview, June 2012

Community in Transformation Quiz, Spring 2012

Regional Data Book, March 2012


June 14 Save the Date and KanCare Passes Out of the Senate, March 24, read here.

Public Policy Forum Review and Alliance for a Healthy Kansas Event, December 13, read here.

Public Policy Forum Reminder, December 7, read here.

Giving Tuesday, November 29, read here.

TANF Cash Assistance and The HOPE Act, November 21, read here.

KanCare Expansion Forum and Save the Date, October 18, read here.

Health Insurance Coverage in Johnson County and KanCare Expansion, October 3, read here.

2015 Data – Johnson County, KS, September 29, read here.

U.S. Census Data Show Improvements to Johnson County, but Challenges Remain, September 16, read here.

UCS Posts Final HUD CoC Application and Alliance for a Healthy Kansas Works to Educate Communities About KanCare Expansion, September 9, read here.

Making Ends Meet in JoCo and Rank Review Results for HUD CoC, August 26, read here.

Ben Craig – Creating Community, August 12, read here.

UCS Presents at Statewide Conference and Alliance for a Healthy Kansas Event, July 22, read here.

HUD’s FY2016 CoC on Homelessness’ Competition released June 29 and Alliance for a Healthy Kansas Event, July 8, read here.

The Other Block Grant, 2016 Kids Count Data, UCS Employment Planning Project, July 1, read here.

Human Service Summit, New Reports, Policy Positions, June 17, read here.

Fair Chance Hiring, HSS, New Website Services, New Director, May 27, read here.

Karen’s Last Newsletter, May 10, read here.

Legislative Update, Employment, Homelessness, May 3, read here.

Legislative Alert – The HOPE Act up for possible vote today, April 29, read here.

Grant Applications for 2017 ATF and HSF, PIT, HSS Registration, April 27, read here.

The Safety Net Then and Now, April 19, read here.

Talk, Read, Play Book Drive and The Raising of America online, April 12, read here.

UCS Announces New Executive Director, April 6, read here.

Human Service Summit Registration, March 31, read here.

Annual Community Indicator Profiles

6 Counties, 2000-2014

Johnson County, 2000-2014

Cass County, 2000-2014

Clay County, 2000-2014

Jackson County, 2000-2014

Platte County, 2000-2014

Wyandotte County, 2000-2014

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