United Community Services of Johnson County believes investment in the public safety net results in a healthier, better educated and more highly skilled workforce, which is critical to a competitive economy.

EITC: A Tax Credit that Works for Working Families

The Kansas state Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) helps 211,000 working Kansans – including more than 24,000 in Johnson County – make ends meet. In 2012, $8,000,000 was returned to low-income working families in the county, more than half of which had adjusted gross incomes of less than $20,000. EITC is a proven strategy that keeps families working, reduces poverty, and improves outcomes for children.

To learn more about how EITC improves outcomes for working families in Kansas, see EITC A tax policy that works РKCEG.

EITC by Johnson County Senate District
EITC by Johnson County House District
Kansas Legislature Website
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