Housing for All Toolkit

We all have an important role to play in achieving our vision of safe, stable, and attainable housing for all. The United Community Services of Johnson County, in partnership with Johnson County Government and the municipalities within the County, facilitated a results-oriented, multi-sector process to identify sustainable housing strategies appropriate for each jurisdiction to ensure vibrant, healthy communities now and into the future.

Informed by a collaborative process involving a Countywide Housing Study, a multi-sector Housing for All Task Force, and extensive evidence-based research, this Housing for All Toolkit equips local communities with strategies for taking action in their own jurisdictions. This serves as a go-to resource for local governments, organizations, service providers, developers, and residents to learn about, take action, and contribute to housing solutions in Johnson County.

Here you will find information on nearly 30 recommendations ranging from state legislation to local planning and zoning, from funding mechanisms to public-private partnerships and beyond. This Toolkit serves as a menu of options. Not all recommendations will be appropriate for all community types, but the right combination and application in your community will help shape the future of housing in Johnson County.

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Johnson County Community Housing Study

The United Community Services of Johnson County (UCS), in partnership with Johnson County Government and the municipalities within the County, conducted a housing market and needs assessment led by RDG Planning & Design. This resulted in the Johnson County Housing Study, an in-depth analysis of the current and future needs for affordable, workforce, and other housing options to bridge gaps in housing demand and supply. Each strategy in the study is included in the Housing for All Toolkit and is tied to a wealth of information that forms a picture of Johnson County’s housing market. The coordination of all cities in Johnson County is vital for addressing housing challenges in Johnson County. All cities must be willing to participate in realizing the full impact of new regional housing strategies. Lastly, the strategies cannot be realized by cities alone. Extensive public and private partnerships are essential to leveraging all possible resources and regional cooperation.

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