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Since 1967, UCS has been the catalyst and resource to ensure that the human service system meets the needs of Johnson County, Kansas residents.  UCS is a planning partner with United Way of Greater Kansas City and provides information, trends analysis and documentation to enhance community-wide planning and decision-making. The core work of UCS is illuminating needs and solutions through Education & Advocacy, fostering a framework for collaboration through Mobilizing & Planning, and prioritizing community investments through Targeted Resource Allocation.

UCS annually presents the Human Service Awards. The awards pay tribute to individuals and organizations making a lasting difference in the community. Read about our current award recipients and view our list of past recipients.


The mission of United Community Services of Johnson County is to provide data analysis, lead collaborative planning and mobilize resources to enhance the availability and delivery of health and human services.


UCS’ vision is that all people have the opportunity to fulfill their potential and contribute to the health and well-being of the community.

Guiding Principles

Based on the belief that all individuals and entities contribute to and share responsibility for the common good, the following principles guide UCS activities:

  • Human services play a vital role in a healthy community, advance quality of life and contribute to economic vitality.
  • All community sectors play valuable roles in advancing human service solutions.
  • Human services can be strengthened through policy advocacy and resource investment.
  • Collaboration fosters a comprehensive approach to multi-faceted challenges.
  • Community planning can produce strategic change and improvements.


UCS Intended Impact

United Community Services is committed to a community in which:

  • Local human service concerns are recognized and addressed.
  • The health and human service network responds effectively to community concerns.
  • Resource allocation meets human service needs.
  • Indicators of individual and community well-being show improvement.



Budget, Audit and Annual Report

2020 Executive Committee



  • Kate Allen, President
  • Roxann Kerr Lindsey, Vice President
  • Tara S. Eberline, Secretary
  • Rebecca Yocham, Treasurer

Board Members

  • Kate Allen
  • Brian S. Brown
  • Joe Connor
  • Tara S. Eberline
  • Erik Erazo
  • Robin Harrold
  • Thomas Herzog
  • Rev. Lee Jost
  • Roxann Kerr Lindsey
  • Donna Lauffer
  • Patty Markley
  • Justin Nichols
  • Hon. Donald Roberts
  • Kevin Tubbesing
  • Vanessa Vaughn West
  • David White
  • Rebecca Yocham

Council of Advisors

  • Gary Anderson
  • Mary Birch
  • Dick Bond
  • Pat Colloton
  • David Cook, PhD
  • Hon. Peggy Dunn
  • Hon. Ed Eilert
  • Jeffrey O. Ellis
  • SuEllen Fried
  • Ellen Hanson
  • Terrie Huntington
  • Audrey Langworthy
  • Penny Postoak Ferguson
  • Jill Quigley
  • Tom Robinett
  • Clint Robinson
  • Carol Sader
  • Joseph Sopcich, PhD
  • Brad Stratton
  • Charlie Sunderland
  • Stephen Tatum
  • David Warm

Persons interested in serving on the UCS board may complete a Statement of Interest form.


Staff Photo Compressed

Julie Brewer

Julie Brewer is the Executive Director of UCS. Julie has more than 20 years of leadership experience in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. Prior to relocating to Johnson County ...

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Christina Ashie Guidry

Christina Ashie Guidry is the Director of Resource Allocation. Christina facilitates the Human Service Fund volunteer review process, a city-county fund that supports programs whic...

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Valorie Carson

Valorie Carson is the Director of Community Planning. Valorie provides project leadership, coordination and facilitation for the Johnson County Trauma Informed Care Task Force and ...

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Kristy Baughman

Kristy Baughman is the Director of Education and Planning. Kristy leads the UCS Poverty Project, managing community collaborations to reduce inequities in health and human services...

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Cathy Goodwin

Cathy Goodwin is the Administrative Coordinator. Cathy provides office and computer support for the UCS staff, manages the website and social media sites, and acts as liaison to te...

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