Children’s Coordinating Council

The Children’s Coordinating Council was formed in 1995 to improve the availability and delivery of health and human services for Johnson County children and youth through collaborative planning and information sharing. The Council fosters the development of a comprehensive, interconnected service network in order to achieve better outcomes for Johnson County’s most vulnerable children and their families.

Council members include representatives of public child-serving institutions and private child-serving organizations with a public mission, and parent representatives. For example, all public school districts are represented, as well as Johnson County Department of Corrections, 10th Judicial Court Services, Kansas Department for Children and Families and applicable contractors, CASA, Head Start, Johnson County Mental Health Center, Sunflower House, and the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment.

The Council meetings are now held in collaboration with Johnson County Early Learning Collaborative. In 2024, the council and JELC will meet on the following dates: February 8, April 25, September 12, and December 12.

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