Education & Advocacy/Community Data

Education & Advocacy

Illuminating Needs and Solutions

Illuminating needs and solutions by providing information, trend analysis, and documentation to inform human service planning, and the policies and funding which affect them.

Greater public understanding of needs and enhanced community advocacy

  • Analyze census data and administrative records to monitor trends and document current and emerging human service issues.
  • Educate about and advocate for public policy decisions to preserve and strengthen the safety net.
  • Provide contractual services to United Way of Greater Kansas City to document regional trends and assist with Community Impact implementation.

Community Data

United Community Services is continually reviewing both quantitative and qualitative data about local and regional conditions to better understand how poverty and homelessness impact the quality of life in Johnson County and the Kansas City region. The data is then used to create fact sheets, reports, and presentations on local conditions to raise awareness and advocate for a community response to assure that people have the opportunity to live safe, healthy and productive lives. For more information, contact Julie Brewer.

Mental Health Outcomes for Women and Mothers – A Family First Issue

View PDF: Mental Health Outcomes for Women and Mothers — A Family First Issue ...
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Domestic Violence Impact on Women & Families

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Maternal Health Outcomes

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A Plan to Increase Income through Employment

A Plan to Increase Income through Employment ...
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From Foster Care to Independence

From Foster Care to Independence ...
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Becoming Trauma Informed

Becoming Trauma Informed ...
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6 County 2015-2019

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Johnson County 2015-2019

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Wyandotte County 2015-2019

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Cass County 2015-2019

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Clay County 2015-2019

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Platte County 2015-2019

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Jackson County 2015-2019

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Enews 11-10-22: Public Policy Forum; Women’s Mental Health; United Way Campaign; Health Insurance Marketplace; KS Homeowner Assistance Fund

Our Community’s Mental Health is Tied to Women’s Mental Health Susan Rome, Deputy Director Johnson County Mental Health Center Note: ...
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Enews 10-27-22: Systems of Safety for Survivors of Domestic Violence; Personal Domestic Violence Story; Fact Sheet: Domestic Violence Impact on Women; KS Homeowner Assistance Fund

Creating Systems of Safety for Survivors of Domestic Violence Heidi Wooten President & CEO Safehome One in three women are ...
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