Family First Series

Supporting Women, Strengthening Families and the Workforce: Data, Experience, and Personal Stories

UCS invites you to read our series on issues impacting women and their families. Family First policies start with centering on women’s health and well-being. Women’s health is integral to healthy families and an available workforce. This series focuses on sharing data and learning from local experts, and spotlights personal stories about maternal health, mental health, domestic violence, childcare and financial stability. To see measurable change and achieve family first policies requires having a clear picture of the current state of women’s health.

Johnson County is home to more than 304,000 girls and women of all ages who play a vital role in our society, culture, and local economy. Investing in solutions that support healthy and equitable outcomes for all women is critical to having healthy families, a sustainable workforce, and a vibrant economy. This series is supported by a grant through the REACH Healthcare Foundation and will challenge us to consider what role we can each have in creating a plan of action.

Maternal Health
Women's health outcomes during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postnatal period.




Domestic Violence
Creating systems to protect women and children from harm and hold offenders accountable.




Mental Health
How mental health issues show up among women, with a focus on screening and intervention.




Safety Net
The safety net provides a bridge to stability for women and their families.




Childcare and Financial Stability
Childcare is critical for a healthy and sustainable economy, and for the financial well-being of families.