Program Areas

Through community planning strategies, UCS identifies the critical human needs that most impact the Johnson County, Kansas community and uses those findings to inform decision-makers, guide resource allocation and advance community action. UCS’ programs and activities include:

  • Advocacy, UCS works tirelessly for the community through advocacy opportunities that help maintain essential human service infrastructure, which include safety net programs; enhancing the lives of children and their families; improving individual and community well-being through physical and mental health strategies;, and providing adequate funding for human service infrastructure. Contact Julie Brewer to learn more about UCS’ advocacy initiatives.
  • Children’s Coordinating Council (CCC), a collaboration of child serving organizations with a public purpose to better serve Johnson County’s most vulnerable children and their families. Contact Marya Schott to learn more.
  • Continuum of Care on Homelessness is a community collaboration that seeks to improve the community’s response to poverty and homelessness. Contact Valorie Carson to learn more.
  • Drug and Alcoholism Council of Johnson County (DAC), advises local governments on the allocation of funds generated by the excise taxes on liquor by the drink (Alcohol Tax Fund, ATF). For more information, contact Marya Schott.
  • Human Service Fund As the fund’s manager, UCS allocates money provided by local governments to fund area programs that provide essential support for residents who are struggling financially, and programs which provide protection and support for victims (and those at risk) of child abuse and family violence. For more information, contact Marya Schott.
  • Human Service Summit The Human Service Summit is a once a year opportunity to focus the community’s attention on improving the quality of life through human service strategies. To see summaries of the discussions and exercises, visit our Human Service Summit page.


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