Human Service Fund

The Human Service Fund (HSF) is a pool of general tax dollars from local municipalities and County government that invest their support in area non-profit agency programs that help avoid, defer, or reduce costs that would otherwise be incurred by city or County governments. Initiated by County Commissioners in 1980, cities joined the partnership in 1990. In 2023, $412,040 was awarded to 19 agency programs that promote self-sufficiency and build well-being for Johnson County residents. During 2022, HSF grantees provided over 221,000 units of service – including medical and dental appointments, nights of shelter, job training and more – to over 61,000 Johnson County residents. UCS provides local governments with a structured accountable system through which non-profit agencies competitively apply for and access funds to serve Johnson County residents.

The 2023 Human Service Fund Grant Cycle is no longer accepting applications. After funding recommendations are approved by contributing jurisdictions, the 2023 Human Service Fund Recommendations Report will be posted.

The 2024 Human Service Fund Grant Cycle will begin in May of 2023 with the release of Requests for Proposal (RFP); applications will be due in July. Updates will be provided on this website; you can contact Christina Ashie Guidry for additional information,

2023 HSF Application Information

In 2023, HSF offered a Small Grants Pool RFP and application in addition to the regular HSF RFP and application. Applications were due on July 7, 2022 by 3 p.m. via email and hard copy.

Small Grants HSF Application: 501(c)(3) applicants, with an annual budget of <$400,000, that are new, growing, and/or grassroots and seeking to build grant-writing capacity may apply for an amount <$5,000 for a specific program or service to be delivered in 2023 that meets HSF Funding Priorities.

Small Grants HSF RFP
Small Grants Application
Small Grants Budget
Small Grants Agency Standards

Regular HSF Application: 501(c)(3) applicants who are current HSF grantees or are new applicants with an annual budget >$400,000 or seeking a grant amount of $5,000 or more for specific program(s)/service(s) to be delivered in 2023 and 2024 that meet HSF Funding Priorities.

*Established applicants for the 2023 HSF Application cycle may receive letters of commitment for 2 years of funding.

HSF Application
HSF Budget
HSF Agency Standards

A virtual pre-proposal meeting for 2023 Human Service Fund (HSF) grants will be held on May 19, 2022, via Zoom from 9:00-9:50 a.m. for regular HSF and 10:00-10:50 a.m. for the Small Grants Pool. Email to RSVP to the virtual meeting and to get the meeting invite information.

The Human Service Fund provides grants to nonprofit agencies in support of human service programs that promote the well-being, personal safety and self-sufficiency of Johnson County residents. Approximately $435,000 is anticipated to be awarded in 2023 grants through the regular HSF application and the small grants application.

Applicants not receiving a 2022 HSF grant and 2022 small HSF grant recipients wishing to transition to the regular HSF grant pool, must discuss their 2023 request with Christina Ashie Guidry, UCS Director of Resource Allocation,, before an application is submitted.

Applicant Criteria: Applicants must deliver direct services to Johnson County residents, be recognized by the IRS under section §501(c)(3), provide health and human services programming as their primary mission, and be in good standing in Kansas or Missouri as a nonprofit corporation. Applicants must affirm they are in compliance with any nondiscrimination ordinances of the municipalities providing resources to the Human Service Fund. Grant recipients must offer equal access to programs or services for which Human Service Fund support has been awarded, to all clients and prospective clients who could benefit from the program. Funded programs must offer county-wide services or fill a gap which results in county-wide benefit.

For 2023 HSF Funding Priorities, click here.

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