Substance Abuse

United Community Services, through the Drug and Alcoholism Council of Johnson County, has been working to increase resources for, and access to, substance abuse services since the 1970’s.  The entire community benefits when substance abuse is prevented and/or effectively treated, with lower healthcare costs, a reduction in crimes, child abuse and neglect, and increased employment and productivity overall. The Drug and Alcoholism Council, a program of UCS founded in the 1970’s, is an all-volunteer advisory body that oversees functions related to alcohol/drug planning and allocations in Johnson County. 2018 DAC members.  The goal is to reduce alcohol and other drug problems by promoting, supporting, and advocating for the full continuum of care – prevention, education, intervention, treatment and recovery – for residents of Johnson County.  The DAC’s primary activity is making recommendations to city and county governments on the allocations of funds generated by the Kansas liquor-by-the-drink excise tax (referred to as alcohol tax funds – ATF) to substance abuse prevention and treatment programs.  Non-profit agencies, public school districts and local government entities competitively apply for ATF through an application process to the DAC.   Through this process participating jurisdictions maximize the benefits of funds, and enable thousands of Johnson County residents to access services.

2018 Alcohol Tax Fund Grants

Proposals for 2018 grants were reviewed by the Drug and Alcoholism Council (DAC) of Johnson County, and $1,962,072 in ATF grants was recommended for funding.

For the 2018 Alcohol Tax Fund Recommendations Report click here.

2019 Alcohol Tax Fund Grants

UCS will hold a pre-proposal meeting for 2019 Alcohol Tax Fund grants on May 17, 2018, 8:30-9:30 a.m. at Court Services in Olathe.  Applicants must be a nonprofit, a Johnson County public school district, or a program of Johnson County government or the 10th Judicial District Court.  Applicants who are not receiving a 2018 ATF grant must discuss their request before it is submitted to UCS, and should contact UCS Community Initiatives Director, Marya Schott, following the pre-proposal meeting.  To be included on the email distribution notice for the pre-proposal meeting, contact Marya.

2019 Agency Standards ATF

For more information contact Marya Schott at 913-438-4764 or


2016 Alcohol Tax Fund Year End Report

Substance Abuse among Jo Co Students, September 2012

Substance Abuse Planning Report, February, 2010


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